The Team

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Pam came to Houston in the early 70's and worked in the textile industry eventually owning her own shop, Fabrics and Things. Owning the fabric store allowed her to connect with the design trade and she was given the incredible opportunity to remodel the Kingwood Country Club. These projects lead to more design jobs and eventually showcase homes. Pam participated in three consecutive "Street of Dreams" projects and was awarded top honors for innovative design. The demand for Pam exploded in the late 80's and the design firm Giarrusso and Associates was launched.

When Pam was doing a project in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, she met an amazing Architect who was working as the project manager. Pam had always felt that the Architecture in Houston was not did not capture the true sense of Houston and she saw an opportunity. She invited Hector Zolezzi to Texas to design some amazing homes and they have been collaborating ever since. Together they changed the face of what is now a true Houston home. Pam says, "It's all about big windows, open spaces, and real materials."

We have done complete design projects not only in the Houston area, but in Colorado, California, Georgia, and Cabo. We are a true full scale design firm meaning that we have the ability to complete a project from plans to pillows. We pride ourselves on designing from the inside-out instead of the outside-in. Giarrusso and Associates has been designing "smart" homes for 30 years an we stay up on the latest technology for lighting and energy efficiency.



Hector Zolezzi is a Building Designer graduated from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Mexico, obtaining a Bachelors degree in Architecture. Hector Zolezzi has over 25 years experience in all aspects of the building industry, from building supervision of large projects, to residential design in the Houston Area.

In Guadalajara, he supervised the construction of 130 hectares of Greenhouses. In Puerto Vallarta, he was in charge of the Marina Las Palmas I and II projects at the Marina Vallarta. In Cabo San Lucas, he supervised Villas del Mar development at Palmilla, along with several other homes in the area.

In the Houston area, Hector has designed over 75 homes in the past 10 years and has been a vital member of the interior design firms Giarrusso and Associates and theDesignTap. Working together, Hector is able to offer his clients the full-scale design experience along with job supervision as needed.